Your own digital product,

Selling your digital experiences in 190+ countries is now as easy as posting on Instagram!

Digital publishing reimagined!

We're building the world's best maps & lists platform so you can focus on content and customers.

No coding and no shipping required! Updated live.

Publish your own maps & lists

Where geolocated content comes to life – interactive, collaborative & profitable!

Turn hundreds of spots into audience-specific experiences — #family #48h #romanticTour.

Empower users to embed your content into their own maps, add notes, share and create with friends.

Interactive, collaborative & fun

Standalone digital products, add-ons or free services with optional referral links. Add to books, magazines or memberships as premium service. We've seen it all!

We'll handle payments and VAT, so you can enjoy monthly distributions.

Reach the whole world, your way!

Drives engagement and loyalty to keep your content relevant longer. We'll reveal what your audiences like & share with live analytics.

Connect with your audience

Connect the dots into interactive tours
for audiences to follow your footsteps.

Spice up your maps with professional tours!

Custom apps rarely yield ROI. Alp does from as few as 10 units per month.

Unmatched customer experience.
Unmatched publisher economics.

And we are just getting started...
Net margin
Recurring revenues
Time & effort
Professional design
Networking & collaboration
Usage insights
Driving sales
55 - 80%
Distributor, you,
network + Alp
Contact us
10 - 20%
Distributor + you
Custom app
$5K+ / year
Just you
$30K+ / year

Alp grows (with) your digital business.

Calculate your own economics!

Monthly Revenue: $5 ℹ️ Total revenue from customers net of VAT.
Your new monthly income: ℹ️ Estimated monthly payout to you net of VAT, typical credit card and Alp marketplace fees.
Note: calculator provided for illustrative purposes only. Payment processing fees estimated. Monthly platform fee applies.
Demo: Reykjavík Visitor Map (free)
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