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Empower audiences to follow in your footsteps.

Got additional footage? Tips and insights? Places to see? Places to stay and dine along the way? GPX tracks? Easily turn it into an interactive, collaborative and fun product.

Sell your own digital product
with your own professional content

Empower audiences to integrate your content into their own maps together with their friends. You can even co-create and curate with audiences you choose.

Offer next-gen maps for next-gen content

Earn via subscriptions, time-limited access or referral links – you decide!

Build a reliable and scalable revenue source that you fully control and position. You'll focus on content & community - we'll handle the rest incl. global VAT, updates, support and sending you cheques.

Grow zero hassle income

Empower audiences to integrate your content into their own maps together with their friends. You can even co-create and curate with audiences you choose.

How about offering a next-gen map in your media kit? Add partners to yours or create custom ones for them.

Land higher-value partnerships

And we are just getting started...

It's a no-brainer.

Grow your monthly income with a next-gen product and zero downside. It's evergreen, gains value with each update and provides unmatched value.

Next-gen product
Collaborative & fun
Infinitely powerful
Built to earn you money
Digital product you own
Upgrade your partnerships
Professionally designed
Monetize your way
Grow audience & engagement
Differentiated value
Co-create & curate with audience
Zero hassle & downside
Low time & effort
Simple monthly net payout
Upgrades & support included
Source of high-value content
Designed to bring your content to life in a professional, premium environment.
Users create their own world with family, friends and professional building blocks like yours.
Loaded with everything you love: search, filters, tags, groups, notes, reactions, discussions and much more!
Establish authority over your niche with your own product!

Empower people to follow your footsteps or build the ultimate reference - the choice is yours.
Create custom maps & lists for your partners to showcase and return regularly to update and enhance them with each visit.
Choose between subscriptions, limited-time access and referrals.
Create something truly unique and worth returning to regularly. Why not offer free basic content with a premium content upgrade?
Share new additions to your product as content in and by itself.
Invite your most engaged audience to a group co-creating your niche map. Then curate the best of the best.
Create once on the web with ease and update incrementally over time. It will pay off for years to come.
Enjoy a simple monthly payout, we'll handle VAT, refunds and everything in between.
Focus on your content & community. We upgrade the platform and support your users with any questions they may have.

Alp grows (with) your digital business.

Calculate your own economics!

Monthly volume: $5 ℹ️ Total revenue from customers net of VAT.
Your new monthly income: ℹ️ Estimated monthly payout to you net of VAT, typical credit card and Alp marketplace fees.
Note: calculator provided for illustrative purposes only. Payment processing fees estimated. Monthly platform fee applies.

No monthly fees, you make 80% of net sales - we make money when you do.
We keep 20% to improve the platform and support your users. Payouts are monthly above an aggregated $100 minimum.

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