21st century
visitor experience

Game-changing maps your visitors will love. Experiences, bookings & networking built-in.

Destination maps reimagined

We're building the world's best maps & lists so you can focus on destination marketing. Built for & by digital natives.

Interactive maps & lists your visitors will love

Present your destination as it is - interactive, feature-packed and full of experiences!

#romantic #family #elderly ... create taggable maps focused on visitors' needs & interests.

Ready-made experiences

Seamless offline/online experience linking web, app and QR code technology, in-app attraction booking (incl. monetization), and many more.

Features you previously dreamt about

Learn about your visitors' preferences and create insights on what you can improve.

Insights on your visitors' interests

Top sights from one of the most iconic cities in the world!

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Discover Reykjavik!

Customizable entries
Visitor insights
Audience-specific experiences
Seamless offline online
Interactive & social maps
Economics and Safety
Cost (setup)
Cost (monthly)
Time (setup)
Tender requirement
In-app destination booking
<1 week
And we are just getting started...
Google MyMaps

Live within 1 week at a fraction of the cost of weaker alternatives.

Unmatched visitor experience.
Unmatched destination economics & insights.

<1 week
Referrals & network effects
12 months+
3 months+
Custom Build Solution
Full-Service Provider
3 months+
3 months+
Create visitor experiences through tags and filters - #48h #romantic #families
Add pictures, links, 10+ other data formats - much like Notion!
QR codes and links lead directly to your map - perfect for billboards, posters, public displays and A4 stands.
Encourage collaboration among users thanks to interactive maps - users can pin, save, recommend and even add their own locations.
Initial investment required to bring your destination's map to life - includes design, coding and infrastructure costs.
Recurring investment required to maintain infrastructure & software, incl. security updates, feature updates, etc.
Overall time required to put your destination map into your users' hands.
Requirement to tender for services given scope & volume of investment.
Detailed analysis of visitor activity, interests & needs - exportable to various analytics tools
Highlight selected pins and encourage use of your booking links to drive attribution or even revenue.
Higher attractiveness thanks to network effects and integration into a common map, accessible by other creators.

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