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Upgrade your guest experience with digital maps!

Delight your guests, leave them wanting to
come back for more and generate auxiliary revenues.
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  • Reinvent your guest experience with digital guest maps
  • Top 5 benefits to reap: delight customers, leave them wanting to return for more, generate auxiliary revenues, save time and get insight into guest behavior
  • Leverage creator partnerships to quickly create and refresh content
  • Top 7 hospitality questions about digital guest maps
  • Start today by asking your creators or simply reach out to us

Digital guest map on concierge & reception desk

Simple QR code for guests to scan - app download optional

Reinvent your Guest Experience with Digital Guest Maps
QR code magic
Picture this: a sleek QR code at your reception and concierge desk, not just a symbol but a gateway to adventure. A family checks in for a weekend getaway, a couple arrives seeking romantic moments and outdoor activities, a business traveler looks for a late dinner spot, and an elderly couple searches for accessible attractions. Each scans the code and boom —they're looking at a world tailored just for them, curated by you.

Tailored for every guest
It’s all about personalization. The family discovers a tour of kid-friendly sights, complete with parks and ice cream shops. The couple finds that cozy, candlelit restaurant pinned just for them. The business traveler gets a list of efficient, high-rated dining spots, while the elderly couple sees easy-access landmarks. Your digital maps cater to every need, making exploration seamless and enjoyable for all on their own terms.

Creating happy, repeat guests
Your establishment becomes the start of many adventures. Your digital maps leave guests with a visual bucket list of places they haven't yet explored, promising more stories to create on future stays. This isn't just about making their current stay 5*-review material; it's an open invitation to return and discover what they missed.

Alp digital guest maps

Available on web, iOS, Android, tablets and as download

Top 5 benefits to reap
1. Delight Your Guests, Earn Stellar Reviews
Happy guests leave happy reviews. Offering them an innovative way to explore the area on their own terms with a digital map elevates their experience, translating into glowing five-star reviews for your hospitality - especially for digital natives.

❤️ 2. Ignite the Desire to Return
A digital map does more than guide; it teases what's yet to be discovered. Guests leave already planning their next visit to check off the adventures they missed the first time around.

✈️ 3. Unlock New Revenue Streams
Beyond just the stay, digital maps open up avenues for auxiliary revenue. Imagine earning from paid commissions through creator-made maps or bookings made via referral links to restaurants, tours, and transport services your guests use.

4. Gain Valuable Insights
What are your guests truly enjoying? Digital maps offer a window into their preferences—what they’re viewing, saving, and loving. This data is gold, helping you tailor services even more closely to guest desires.

5. Save Time for Your Team
Replace the repetitive “What’s there to do around here?” with a quick scan of a QR code and the hint "Try #family and #winter". It’s efficient, freeing up your team to focus on other aspects of guest service.

Bonus: Engaging Marketing Content
Digital maps aren’t just for on-site use; they’re perfect for embedding on your website or including in newsletters. Announce new attractions or hidden gems in the area, keeping your content fresh and engaging for potential visitors.
People don't know what they want until you show it to them.
Steve Jobs
Leverage creator partnerships to quickly create & refresh content
1️⃣ The basics
Add points, tours, visuals, videos, tips and tags to your own interactive Alp map. Offer this enriched experience to your guests in various ways — complimentary, as a premium service, or included in the room rate — and in various places, such as at reception, the concierge desk, rooms or welcome booklets.

✈️Leverage Creators for quality & visibility
  • Professional quality: Tap into creators' well of local knowledge and ability to spotlight the latest and greatest attractions, ensuring your guests have access to up-to-date and compelling experiences.
  • Save time: Leverage creators' expertise to save time, since they are well-versed in content production processes and know how to influence audiences.
  • Unique Collaborations: By partnering with creators who specialize in various niches — from adventure trails for the thrill-seekers to family-friendly activities — your map becomes as distinctive and varied as your guests themselves.

Freshness is key
For guests, esp. returning guests, up-to-date content is key. There's an easy fix: arrange for creators to refresh your content regularly, ensuring guests always have something new and intriguing to look forward to.

We bring your content to life

and measure what your clientele love,s so you can double down

Top 7 questions
about digital guest maps
Here's what fellow hospitality businesses asked us

1. How much do digital guest maps cost?
The core maps platform itself is free to use — no ads, no hidden fees. If you decide to collaborate with creators for custom map content, you'd be paying them directly for the content as part of your partnership package.

2. What about alignment to our brand and clientele?
Absolutely. Your brand will be front and center, and all content can be tailored to fit your identity. It’s best to discuss with creators about branding and clientele.

3. Are digital maps accessible for guests of all ages and tech-savviness?
Yes, our platform is designed for ease of use, with users of all ages successfully navigating our maps — we’ve spoken with users up to 74 years old!

4. What types of content can be included in the maps, and how is it managed?
Think of it like Notion, but for maps. You can include map pins, tours, text, pictures, videos, organize via hashtags and more. If you can use Instagram, you'll be a digital maps pro in no time!

5. What are potential revenue streams?
You can feature creators’ regional premium products on your maps and earn up to 20% on referrals. Plus, add referral links for tours, dining, transportation, and more to generate auxiliary revenue.

6. How do we measure the impact and success?
We provide detailed usage statistics, including views, favorites, saves, and time spent on the map, allowing you to gauge engagement and effectiveness directly.

7. Can digital maps really cater to specific guest interests?
Definitely. Using #tags, full-text search, notes, and more, to ensure your map serves a wide range of interests and preferences.
People create memories, not things. If we ask guests what color the carpet was in their guest room, they probably won’t know.
Simon Cooper
Start today by asking your creators or let us introduce you
1️⃣ Start small & grow incrementally
Introduce a handful of tours that cater directly to one key guest persona, e.g. outdoor active guests. A couple of well-crafted experiences can significantly enhance their stay and set the stage for more to come.

Grow with Feedback
Continue completing your guest maps using creator input and leveraging guest insights. This feedback loop is crucial for tailoring the experiences and adding new ones that keep guests coming back for more.

Ready to start?
Just talk to your creator or reach out directly. We’re here to connect you with expert creators ready to bring your digital guest maps to life.
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