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Digital products are the #1 revenue source for 6-figure creators.
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  • 6-figure creators have 5+ revenue streams, the #1 one being digital products.
  • Outdoor creators lacked suitable digital products for their craft.
  • Digital map products are the canvas outdoor creators were missing.
  • Alp's ecosystem adds network effects and scale to your digital products.
  • 5 common questions from creators regarding digital map products.
  • What's next? Let's go explore digital maps for your content and audience.
6-figure creators have
5+ revenue streams
Ever wonder how creators catapult into the six-figure earnings stratosphere?
It's revenue stream diversification (source). Specifically, 5+ streams.

Central to their arsenal?
Digital products.

Why digital products?
Unlike physical products, digital products require no shipping, no restocking, no print deadline, they effortlessly cross borders and as a result scale infinitely and independently of your time!

But brand deals?
Yes, they're the lifeblood and a core pillar for 69% of creators (source), but they're just one revenue stream and not in the top 5 for those earning $100K+ per year.

"Top revenue streams of six-figure creators"

from Kajabi's "The State of Creators '24 Report: Secrets of Six-figure Creators" (source)

Outdoor creators lacked
suitable digital products
Outdoor creators were left out.
While creators in finance, beauty, fitness, design and gaming have long enjoyed platforms tailored to their content — think courses, podcasts, memberships, templates, videos (source, source) — outdoor creators faced a starkly different landscape.

The richness of outdoor experiences, from the adrenaline of mountain biking to the serene beauty of secluded dive spots, struggled to find its digital counterpart.

Traditional mediums simply don't cut it for the unique needs and artefacts produced by outdoor enthusiasts. Imagine having a treasure trove of breathtaking trails, secret surf spots, hidden hiking or horse riding paths, photo locations or any other of the 100+ outdoor domains.

How do you monetize your professional knowledge?
  • Interactive PDF? It's still a PDF ...
  • eBook with list + pictures? Sure, but essentially still a PDF ...
  • Book deal? Excellent, but hard to get, takes lots of time and outdated shortly after publishing ...
  • Google MyMaps? Better, but not suitable for publishing ...
  • Custom app? Expensive and rarely yields ROI ...
  • Tour booking service? Profitable, but scales only with your time ...

What have you tried?
People don't know what they want until you show it to them.
Steve Jobs
Discover Digital Map Products
Unleashing an untapped supply of professional knowledge
Social media only ever sees 3% of your professional knowledge - the best picture, funniest short video, that key learning. Merely one month later it's past the fold and no longer driving engagement - "on to the next one!"

The other 97%+ lies barren - countless hours of research, picking the perfect trail, where to stay, what to see, what not to see or do, etc. You're an expert in your craft, but you don't have a canvas to make that professional knowledge accessible to the top 5-10% of your audience.

What's the ideal canvas for my content?
You want a digital product that solves real problems, fits the content you produce, feel like a million dollars, yields a high return on your time invested and scales infinitely.

Let's design it together:
  1. Digital map with pins - 80%+ of content references places like that secluded waterfall, hence a map is a good starting point. No more copying & pasting places into Google Maps to see where they are.
  2. Tours and place sets - places often require context, like a photography hiking tour, wine tour in the Bordeaux region, coffee places with #lamarzocco machines. This is where you create real value. What are the #top5 wine tours in Tuscany? The best #summer #family hikes in Ticino? #night dive spots in the Mediterranean?
  3. Metadata - photos, drone videos, proprietary data & insights, tales of your adventures, etc. What can I see? What will it feel like? What proprietary data do I need to know? Go beyond that one Instagram set and help audiences experience your content.
  4. $1M user experience - easy access to your vast resource via search and filters, a professional user interface and everything else audiences have become accustomed to over the years.
  5. Collaboration - life is more fun together and most interests are shared - let's bring your content to life by empowering users to customize your content or generate their own, share with friends, families and their communities.
  6. Privacy - you don't want your content showing up for free in ChatGPT, you don't want it copied freely like a PDF or shared like a Google MyMaps link, neither do we.
  7. Hassle-free - for your audience and yourself. You don't want to be dealing with global VAT and "How do I ...?" questions.

❤️ That's Alp.
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Alp digital map products

Digital product for outdoor creators & content

Collaborative map ecosystem
Our vision is to create a more beautiful, inclusive world where the thrill of discovery unites us, and respect for the planet guides us.
Through shared adventures, we not only uncover the unknown, but also forge a global community committed to preserving these treasures for generations to come.

This vision requires fostering a collaborative ecosystem:
  • Creators & Users: Craft and explore digital maps that tell the story of hidden trails, secret spots, and more, turning personal journeys into shared adventures.
  • Publishers & Hospitality: Leverage unique content to enrich travel experiences and guidebooks, connecting guests and readers with authentic adventures.
  • Tourism Organizations: Use detailed maps to highlight sustainable travel destinations, encouraging eco-friendly exploration.
  • Communities, Clubs, Families & Friends: Share, collaborate, and celebrate the outdoors, strengthening bonds and inspiring future explorers.

How you benefit from this ecosystem
  1. Creators x Tourism: Tourism boards adopt a creator’s digital map of hidden hiking trails, promoting eco-tourism and supporting local economies.
  2. Creators x Publishers: Publishers transform popular successful digital maps into printed guidebooks, bridging the digital with the physical, and inviting more readers to explore the beauty of our world.
  3. Creators x Hospitality: Hotels partner with creators to design exclusive maps for their guests to delight them, to leave them wanting to come back for more and to generate income by referring your suitable premium content.
There are countless combinations, yet they all require one thing - a collaborative map ecosystem.
No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team. The real power comes when you enable others within your network to succeed.
Reid Hoffman
Top 5 creator questions
about digital map products
⚖️ Here's what your fellow creators typically ask us

  1. Is creating a digital map product hard? No, its easy. If you can post on social media, you can create digital maps. You've got most of the content already, incl. in your B-roll. It's all about packaging it to meet users' needs and you can be up and running in 24h.
  2. Do people pay for digital products? Yes, they do. And yes, they pay for digital map products. It's all about the problem you solve, the value you provide and the expertise your audience ascribes to you.
  3. Is it worth my time? 100%. Try our calculator to explore your potential. Create once, update occasionally and earn day after day. Your content becomes evergreen and doesn't lose with every day that passes anymore. To the contrary, it puts you in charge of advocating for your own product, something you can truly endorse.
  4. Is my content safe? Yes. Alp is a web and mobile application that cannot be copied or parsed.
  5. How does this beat free content? Your free content caters to your broader audience and drives the top of the funnel. Your premium digital products cater to your most engaged and eager followers at the bottom of the funnel.

Got a question we should add? Please reach out!
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